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 VHS Pre Enrollment Questionnaire Rationale

1. Who is most responsible for what and how much you learn?
  -Taking personal responsibility for learning is important for success in Virtual High School (VHS). Students are responsible for meeting assignment deadlines and contacting the instructor if they need assistance.

2. Which statement best describes your personal motivation and self-discipline?
  -Motivation and self-discipline are required to succeed in VHS courses.

3. Which statement best describes your problem solving skills?
  -VHS courses often require strong problem solving skills.

4. Which statement best describes your interest in taking a Virtual High School Course?
  -Students that have a strong interest in VHS are more successful.

5. Which statement best describes your ability to plan, prioritize tasks and organize assignments?
  -VHS courses require strong organization skills and excellent time management habits.

6. I submit my assignments on time:
  -VHS students must meet assignment deadlines. Online discussions require timely student participation.

7. Considering your academic, work, and personal schedule, the amount of time you have to devote to an online class is:
  -VHS courses require at least as much time and effort as offline courses.

8. Which statement best describes your writing ability?
  -Almost all communication in VHS is written.

9. Which statement best describes your reading ability?
  -Most of the content of VHS courses is text based.

10. Which statement best describes your computer skills?
  -Basic computer skills are very useful for VHS courses.

11. When an instructor gives an assignment, you prefer:
  -VHS courses require you to work from written instruction without face-to-face contact with your instructor.

12. Which of the following methods of instructor feedback do you prefer?
  -All feedback from VHS instructors will be in writing.

13. Verbal interaction in the classroom is:
  -Verbal interaction is not a part of most VHS courses.

14. When you have a question, how quickly do you feel you need a response from your instructor:
  -Responses from your VHS instructor will be timely but not immediate.

15. Which of the following statements best describes your preferred learning style?
  -VHS courses encourage and often require interaction among students to achieve learning objectives. VHS students participate in student-to-student discussion, peer review, and group projects.

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