Day in the Life

Virtual High School Global Consortium is comprised of over 650 member schools from 35 states and 33 countries. Come walk in the shoes of a VHS participant for one day, and find out what it's *really* like to be part of the Virtual High School...

    Follow VHS student, Natalie, as she accesses her VHS NetCourse, "Eastern and Western Thought: A Comparison," from her local school in California.

    clock Site Coordinator
    Follow site coordinator, Simon, as he provides VHS administrative support to 2 teachers and 50 students at his high school in North Carolina.

    clock Teacher
    Follow teacher, Jill, as she delivers her VHS NetCourse to 25 students across the country, from her home school in Texas.

The people portrayed in "Day in the Life" are fictional characters based on the real experiences of actual VHS participants. For the purposes of illustration, we have included tasks in one day that might actually be spread out over several days or different times of the school year. So, keep that in mind if a participant's day seems extraordinarily busy!

*Special thanks to VHS teacher Bevan Vinton for use of her course materials, and to VHS site coordinator Cheryl Davis for her input.*

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