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What does a VHS site coordinator do?
Follow Simon through one day to learn about this key VHS role...

Simon is an administrator at a large, urban school in North Carolina. He had some technology experience before VHS, but was interested in the site coordinator position because he wanted to learn more about cutting-edge technologies and ways to put them to good use in an educational setting. Acting as VHS site coordinator is just one part of Simon's job, but it is one of the most enjoyable. Being site coordinator has connected him to a community of like-minded professionals across the country.

bagel 7:45 a.m., cafeteria

Simon arrives at the cafeteria with 4 dozen bagels. Once a month he holds a bagel party for the 50 students taking VHS classes this semester. He wants them to have a chance to meet and talk outside of a classroom setting and away from the computer. He also wants to touch base with them as a group, so they can bring up any concerns or issues. VHS requires students to be fairly self-motivated, so Simon tries to check in with the students as often as he can, and this is just one of his strategies for doing so. The 50 students are taking 28 different VHS courses this semester, so it's fun to listen to the students comparing their different classes when they get together like this. Simon's school is offering 2 VHS NetCourses to the cooperative, so he can enroll students in 50 course spaces each semester.

This morning Simon passes out a few copies of next year's course catalog, which he has printed out from the VHS web site. He is currently working with the guidance counselors to recruit interested students for next year. Two students enrolled in the same course come up to him and tell him they're having a technical problem accessing a particular document in their course. Simon makes an appointment to come check it out with them later this morning. His students access VHS at various times during the day by signing out of study halls into free computers in the library. He took the VHS professional development training course for site coordinators, so he is very knowledgeable about the platform that the courses are created in. If he can't solve the problem himself, he'll send an e-mail to the students' teacher and submit a ticket throught the VHS contact center so the VHS staff can help fix the problem.

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