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Natalie is an 11th grader in a mid-sized suburban high school in California. When Natalie heard about VHS and read through the course catalog, she immediately asked her guidance counselor if she could take the philosophy class, "Eastern & Western Thought." Her school offers quite a few core courses, but it doesn't have the resources or enough student interest to offer a specialized course like Eastern & Western Thought. She really liked the idea of learning about the great thinkers of the East and the West, and thought it would be neat that they would incorporate online research into the class. She also liked the idea of taking a class with students from around the country.

8:30 a.m., computer lab

Natalie goes to the computer lab during the period that has been set aside for VHS students. The 25 VHS students at her school are enrolled in 13 different VHS courses this semester. She chats briefly with another student who is taking Eastern & Western Thought, and also with her friend who is taking "Astronomy: Stars and the Cosmos," a class she thinks she might want to take next year. She then opens up an internet browser, checks the homepage of the VHS web site for recent announcements, and logs into her NetCourse with her personal User Name and password.

VHS Student Website
Student Website

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