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9:45 p.m., home

VHS students are not required or expected to have a computer at home, but Natalie's family does have a computer with an internet connection. This evening, Natalie uses the family computer to access VHS. Natalie goes to next year's online course catalog, which has just been released. She has an appointment with the guidance counselor in two days, and she definitely wants to take VHS courses again next year. She sorts the catalog by level, and then by discipline, and after skimming for a while, decides that "Screenwriting Fundamentals" is her first choice. She also thinks two of the science courses sound interesting: "Bioethics Symposium," and "Astronomy: Stars and the Cosmos." Her younger brother comes over and looks through the course descriptions with her; he's in 8th grade and is thinking of taking some VHS NetCourses next year. She sorts again and finds all the courses that are open to 9th graders.

"Snapshot" of the online VHS Catalog
VHS Catalog

Before shutting the computer down for the night, Natalie goes to the "Virtual Cafe" in her course, a casual discussion thread created by her teacher, and posts a message to a classmate from North Carolina who she has become friends with since they teamed on a project for the course. She asks him if he's read about their "interview an expert" assignment yet, and if he has any idea who his expert will be yet. She also posts a message to the entire class to share the URL of an interesting web site she came across today when she was researching Gandhi's life.

That's it! One day in the life of a VHS student...

LINKS: Browse through the same VHS Catalog that Natalie used to choose her courses.

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