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Course Title:
English 9 Summer Offering
Course Code:
Language Arts
Grade Level:
Summer School Extended Session (Summer I: 20 Seats; )
This is an eight week course, starting with summer session I.
08 weeks
Additional Requirements:
Accredited by:
Certified by NCAA for initial-eligibility (VHS School Code: 221356); Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools; Northwest Accreditation Commission
Course Requires a Media Kit to be Shipped to Students:
Course Requires a Media Kit to be Purchased by Course Sponsor
(see additional details below):

Never been enrolled in an online course?

Have you always wanted to improve your skills in reading, writing, and grammar?

Do you feel that you would like to participate in an online course that allows you to work daily in an environment that allows you to spend more time in those areas that have been obstacles to achieving academic success?

Do you need to make up credit in 9th grade English so that you can move into the next English course with the rest of your peers?

Are you interested in exploring a new and exciting way to attend a class that introduces you to other students from high schools across the United States?

If you answered yes to some or all of these questions, then this is the course for you. This course will concentrate on three areas of study: literature, language, and writing. Our study of literature will include short stories, poetry, nonfiction, and one novel. You will increase your language skills and polish your grammar skills with vocabulary lists and quizzes. These skills will go hand in hand with the writing lessons, as you work on improving your written communication.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to join other high school students in course discussions and activities. Also, you can discuss your thoughts and interests with classmates in a special place in the course that is devoted to nonacademic topics.

Join us this summer! All class materials and assignments are online so you do not have to lug a heavy backpack, pencils, or books to class. The course is just a mouse click away.

“See you” in class!

Please note that because this course is eight weeks in duration, and students are expected to work approximately ten hours per week, the course will therefore not cover a full year's curriculum with the same depth that is covered in a year-long course. In addition, if the student is taking this course for credit recovery, it is advised that you check with the student's school to confirm that the topics covered (see course syllabus) match those required by the school. You may also want to confirm with the school the process for receiving credits, which may involve an assessment administered separately by the school.

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