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Course Title:
Art History: Art of the Caribbean Islands Section SE
Course Code:
Grade Level:
09, 10, 11, 12
Repeated Semester (Fall: 25 Seats; Spring: 25 Seats; )
15 weeks
An Interest in Art, Writing and Reading Skills. Experience navigating and doing searches on the Internet.
Additional Requirements:
Accredited by:
Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools; Northwest Accreditation Commission
Course Requires a Media Kit to be Shipped to Students:
Course Requires a Media Kit to be Purchased by Course Sponsor
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What is "Caribbean Art"? Is it indigenous art? Little statues and paintings found in caverns? Was Jean-Michel Basquiat a New Yorker or a true Caribbean artist? Find these answers and more in this course where we are going to explore the mixture of different origins that make up art in the Caribbean, an area comprised of more than 20 islands including Bermuda, Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Puerto Rico. We'll cover the Spanish colonial period to the present, and look at African, Amerindian, Asian and European influences on Caribbean art. We'll also tour some of the most amazing virtual museums and artists' websites where debates are going to be raised on specific paintings. While surfing on the net, your art appreciation skills and vocabulary are going to be trained and exercised. Whether you are an art lover, don't want to feel lost next time you go to a museum, or just want to know how to recognize art from different backgrounds and styles, this Caribbean Art course is designed for you!

**Please Note: This course may not be appropriate for students with specific accessibility limitations as written. Please refer to the VHS Handbook policy on Special Education/Equity for more information on possible modifications. If you need additional assistance, please let us know at service.goVHS.org.

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