VHS Catalog 12-13

Course Title:
Mandarin Chinese Language and Culture Section TC
Course Code:
Foreign Language
Grade Level:
09, 10, 11, 12
Spring Only (Spring: 25 Seats; )

An open mind and sincere desire to learn to speak and write Mandarin.
Technology requirements: Students will need access to Power Point, Quick Time, and Real Player. This course requires students to have access to a computer with headphones, microphone, and software to record voice and save in WAV format. Students must also be able to download MP3 files to school computers. Instructions will be provided for Sound Recorder, used in Windows. Other software may be substituted, as long as it has the ability to record up to 2 minutes of voice in the WAV format. Students will also need to have the Chinese language bar installed and activated. This is a free function of Windows XP. Instructions are provided below.

You must make your computer Chinese-ready before the class begins! The following screencasts are provided to teach students how to type Chinese using a Roman alphabet keyboard. Students and Site Coordinators, please make sure any computers that your students will use for this course have Simplified characters loaded and working, and that students have tried out the tasks mentioned in the screencasts below. These instructions are for Word 2003 on Windows XP, and similar steps should be applicable for other versions. If you have any questions or need assistance with this setup, please submit a Service Ticket via service.goVHS.org.

  1. Loading the Chinese Language (Flash, 3Mb, 6 min) PDF Script
  2. Editing Chinese Characters in Word
  3. Working in Pinyin (Flash, 3.5Mb, 9 min) PDF Script
Additional Requirements:
Accredited by:
Certified by NCAA for initial-eligibility (VHS School Code: 221356); Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools; Northwest Accreditation Commission
Course Requires a Media Kit to be Shipped to Students:
Course Requires a Media Kit to be Purchased by Course Sponsor
(see additional details below):


What do you know about China – an ancient country whose language has 5000 years of history? Learning the language of this country will help you understand more about Chinese culture.

This Chinese Mandarin course is combination of language acquisition and Chinese culture. Emphasis is placed on the communication skills of speaking and writing. Chinese characters and writing will be introduced too.

In fifteen weeks, the teaching content will cover a variety of basic topics:
how to use Chinese Pin Yin, recognize basic Chinese characters, greetings, self-introductions, numbers, time, date, weather, pronouns, basic sentences, asking questions, basic verbs, basic adjectives, school, home, transportations, restaurant, hotel, seeing the doctor, emergencies, feelings, city , shopping and also you will do some research on Chinese culture.

Practice your listening and speaking skills. On a regular basis, converse on a wide variety of interesting topics with your virtual classmates via discussion threads and with me via private threads.

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