VHS Catalog 12-13

Course Title:
Who Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up? Section MB
Course Code:
Social Studies, Life Skills/Health
Grade Level:
07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12
Repeated Semester (Fall: 25 Seats; Spring: 25 Seats; )
15 weeks
An interest in exploration of choices for self and others
Additional Requirements:
Accredited by:
Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools; Northwest Accreditation Commission
Course Requires a Media Kit to be Shipped to Students:
Course Requires a Media Kit to be Purchased by Course Sponsor
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Metacognition…hmm, what does that mean? This course encourages you to search inside yourself. In contrast to the normal question “What do you want to be when you grow up,” this course could be subtitled “the emotional toll of becoming an adult.” You will explore why you make choices as well as who/what else could those choices impact. Every other week you will be given a hypothetical scenario to respond to. Each week you will reflect on an interview you conduct.

In this course, you will focus highly on self reflection and introspection while simultaneously thinking about the future. This course emphasizes the affective (emotional) side of education rather than the effective (tests, quizzes, projects, etc.). Together we will explore your responses to the questions...

Week 1: Who did I want to be?
Week 2: Who am I? Part 1
Week 3: Who am I? Part 2
Week 4: Who influences me?
Week 5: Is there such a thing as the American Dream?
Week 6: Who is Maslow anyway?
Week 7: Who have I admired?
Week 8: Is there more to life than money?
Week 9: Are you willing to pay the price?
Week 10: Will my family support my dreams?
Week 11: How can I serve my community?
Week 12: How do I deal with my emotions?
Week 13: What level of stress is appropriate?
Week 14: How can I meet unfulfilled needs?
Week 15: What do I do if I mess up?

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