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Course Title:
Web Design and Internet Research Section PC
Course Code:
Technology/Tech Ed.
Grade Level:
07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12
Fall Only (Fall: 25 Seats; )
15 weeks
Access to a web host and ability to upload files: IMPORTANT Do not sign up for this course if you do not have access to a computer and/or network drive that you can store files in and work on during the class.

Access to a computer and the Internet outside of your school classtime is very helpful. You will need the programs Notepad (Windows), or Simpletext (Macintosh) on your computer, as well as a web browser such as Internet Explorer to preview the web pages you create.

Your school will need to allow you to upload .html files you create to free webhosts on the Internet for viewing and grading by the teacher, or you need your own host that your school allows you to upload to. An example free web host that you might need to access to register, view and upload to would be: http://www.100webspace.com

Some schools Internet filtering devices and Acceptable User Policies do not allow students to upload web pages and view certain websites. Check to make sure that your school allows you to upload and view these types of websites BEFORE signing up for this class. Your grade could be affected.
Additional Requirements:
Accredited by:
Middle States Commission on Secondary Schools; Northwest Accreditation Commission
Course Requires a Media Kit to be Shipped to Students:
Course Requires a Media Kit to be Purchased by Course Sponsor
(see additional details below):

Have you ever wanted to learn how to create your own web site by writing HTML code by hand, but did not know how to start? Have you wanted to increase your web design knowledge about how a web page really is created?

Have you wanted a place on the Internet that you can post information about what interests you, to share with others? Want to learn how to search the Internet more effectively? Use the Internet to help finish homework more quickly and effectively? Have you wanted to meet others from all around the world with similar interests as yourself?

Well look no further! Web Design and Internet Research is a course designed for you. In this course, you will learn how to create web sites from scratch, by writing in HTML code by hand. Online step-by-step tutorials will guide you in the creation of a website that you create about a topic or research question of your choice. You will also learn how to upload your site to the Internet by using free web hosting companies. You will also learn how to effectively use the Internet and all its resources as a tool for your research.

In the process, you will make friends and work cooperatively with others students from around the world in the creation of a team website that you design, create and upload together.

Understanding how to organize files and folders on a computer and having prior computer class experience is also extremely helpful. When writing in HTML code, one needs to read carefully and pay attention to detail.

The class will NOT be using a program like Dreamweaver or Front Page to create a website for you.

*This course may be appropriate for Gifted and Talented middle school students that meet all course prerequisites.*

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